IDP Smart ID Card Printers

Smart 31 ID Card Printer
Smart 31 ID Card Printer
Smart 31 ID Card Printer Smart 31 ID Card Printer

Smart 31 ID Card Printer

The entry-level offering from IDP Smart, the Smart-31 ID Card Printer is the most economical card printing machine in the market. While the pricing is a plus point as the IDP Smart 31 Card printer is really a low budget printer, the features that you can explore with this card printer are just immense. With Modular designs, swift & easy card issuance from printing, this ID Card Printer is a must-have for low card printing requirements!

Key Features of IDP Smart 31 Printers
  • Edge-to-Edge Card printing
  • 300, 600, 1200 DPI
  • UV Card Printing at low cost
  • Versatile, Durable & Scalable
2 Main Modules

Smart-31 Single Side – This allows you to print on a single side of your PVC Card and has different print speeds depending on what colour are you planning to print. Can print Monochrome and colour on this single side card printer module.

Smart 31 Dual Side – This allows you to print on both sides of your PVC Card and has slightly better security features than the single side printer.

The Smart-31 Card Printer is not only just packed with the latest technological features but also ensures that the Card printing quality remains uncompromised! Moreover, this entry-level card printer is not limited to any industry as it caters to the demands from various industries like Schools, Hospitals, Governments, etc. Be it ID Card Printing of School IDs, or Loyalty Cards printing, Smart-31 Card Printer has got you covered!

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Smart 51 ID Card Printer

Smart 51 ID Card Printer
Smart 51 ID Card Printer
Smart 51 ID Card Printer Top
Smart 51 ID Card Printer Smart 51 ID Card Printer Smart 51 ID Card Printer Top

Smart 51 ID Card Printer

This dye-sublimation Smart-51 Card Printer from IDP Smart is the newer and technologically advanced card printer in comparison to its previous model, the Smart-50 printer. This new and improved Card Printer boasts features like Magnetic Encoder, Smartcard Encoder, ethernet options, modular designs and more! Be it Reliability, Card printing quality or features, the Smart 51 Card Printing machine truly outranks its competition.

Key Features of Smart 51 ID Card Printers
  • Dual Side/Single Card Printing
  • Latest Technology
  • Removable Output Hopper
  • CR79 Cards compatible
  • Transparent Cards Compatibility
  • Lock & Security System
  • 10% Faster Card Printing
  • Reduced Card Printing sounds
2 Main Modules

Smart- 51S ID Card Printer – With a top speed of 17s/card the Smart 51 card printer provides edge-to-edge printing and offers Color and Monochrome print options in the Smart 51 single side printer module.

Smart – 51D ID Card Printer – the scalable module from IDP Smart, the Smart-51 offers monochrome & color printing option on both sides of your card and has a top speed of 22s/card if at all you are using the YMCKOK ribbon for your card printing needs.

Smart-51 Card Printing Machine caters to all types of industry and delivers on crisp, high-quality printing and supports a variety of card types such as PVC, PET & Composite PVC Cards. Moreover, with an effortlessly scalable Card Printer module such as the Smart-51 Printer, you can be assured of longevity and reliability!

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