Tracking your assets whilst boosting your efficiency has now been made easy & hassle-free with our RF-TRANS solution.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking enables companies to uniquely identify any object by affixing or embedding an RFID tag. RFID Tracked assets enable workflow optimizations, real-time inventory management or location services and help reduce human error.

We provide ‘Tracking Solutions’ that helps enterprises automate and track some of their erstwhile manual, at times cumbersome work flows and processes. Our solutions are designed and integrated around RFID and Bar Code enabled products and solutions.

Today’s organizations recognize that RFID enabled products provide solutions to problems that no other technology can solve. With this comes increasing demand for contactless products across a wide range of applications. Business Connection offers the industry’s most diverse and flexible line of RFID tags and transponders in LF, HF and UHF, products that are manufactured in ISO 9001-2008 certified facilities using patented processes. We continue to partner with RFID specialist organizations to innovate and provide new applications to RFID enabled products.

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Our Solution can help you with the below -

  • Improve process and accountability for managing assets.
  • Manage access to commercial fleet fueling stations.
  • Track warehouse and high-value goods or returnable items.
  • Identify pets and commercial animals for regulatory compliance.
  • Seal and uniquely identify containers to optimize logistics.
  • People Tracking
  • File Tracking
  • Baggage Tracking
  • Weapons Tracking
  • Track high value IT Assets