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Mobile Secure Identity Capture & Verification

Mobile identification Reinvented - Elegant combination of biometrics, credentials and mobile technology placing the power of Identification into the hands of agencies that need it the most.

Business Connection offers a range of mobility solutions based on secure, robust, easy to use handheld devices that can perform multiple functions. Enterprise can now use a single device for multiple functionality using a single App or multiple Apps.

Mobility devices from Business Connection offer solutions for scanning 1D/2D barcodes, HF/UHF RFID (Contactless Cards) Read/Write, Contact Smartcard reader, Passport (MRZ) capture, Fingerprint capture, Facial recognition (on some models), Magnetic Stripe reader. Devices can function on WIFI or GSM connectivity as required. Mobility solutions allow full usage of these features as fully functional remote real-time / online systems or offline with data synchronized on network availability.

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Where can this solution be implemented is mentioned below

  • Access Control at Sensitive Remote Sites – Mobile devices are deployed with security teams to read and validate user credentials using card/ fingerprint/facial recognition and synchronize with central access control and security systems.
  • Mustering At Emergency Assembly Points - Mustering of personnel with easy to use and visual interface
  • Visitor Management – Handheld device to register visitors after validating and data collection from ID / passport, issue visitor badge with photograph at gate of enterprise facility, integrated with centralized visitor management system and access control systems
  • Guard Tour System – Remote perimeter / security guard patrolling of facilities offering the ability to capture photographs of incidents and locations with validation of the personnel on tour using card / fingerprint for access and synchronized with central security system
  • Asset Audit At Remote Facilities – Track and audit RFID tagged assets at remote facilities
  • Law Enforcement – Ease of validation of citizen and suspect credentials on the go like national ID, passport, fingerprint capture and verification against AFIS system, facial recognition using internationally certified devices
  • Workforce Time & Attendance – Remote site time & attendance and project activities tracking for workers, on transportation to and from labor camps.